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Our Team

Industry veterans and expert builders

The team behind Fluent consists of executives, designers and innovators with decades of experience in everything from banking to engineering.

Before joining Fluent, they took their respective fields to new heights. And now that we’ve gathered them here, they’re doing it again.

Bradley Allgood

Bradley Allgood

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder of the largest network of Special Economic Zones and SEZ investors

Has developed products for governments and blockchain companies

Jaime Plata

Jaime Plata

Co-Founder, Director and Senior Technology Advisor

Winner of the Google Financial Services Reimagined Challenge

Strategic advisor to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Oliver Gale

Oliver Gale

Co-Founder & Director

Founder of the first CBDC company

Founded Panther Protocol (institutional dark pools), BaseTwo (investment firms), and Authentic Revolution (accelerator)

Armin Ranjbar

Chief Technology Officer

14+ years of experience as a CTO of other technology companies

Founder of two companies with successful exits

Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

Chief Information Officer

Former NASA JPL data science designer and developer

10+ years experience as a full-stack developer, security consultant and executive

Greg Guedel

Greg Guedel, Ph.D.

Chief Legal Officer

Has served as legal counsel for both governments and major businesses

Received the first Ph.D. in 100+ years from the UW Jackson School of International Studies

Ed Luo

Chief Compliance Officer

Former Global BSA/AML & Sanctions Officer for Paxos

12+years working in financial crimes and regulatory compliance for major institutions

Brad Chin

Brad Chin

Chief Strategy Officer

Former CSO at a fintech specializing in RWA and property tokenization

Former campaign strategist for state and federal elections

Will Hester

Head of Corda Engineering

Former Tech Lead for R3

Former software engineer for Alfa Financial Software