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US Plus — a superior, more reliable stablecoin currency

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We’re creating a first

Fluent provides a two-way bridge between traditional finance and distributed ledgers via our ground-breaking stablecoin protocol

What does this mean for you?

Empowering your finances

The Fluent protocol combines Web2 reliability, convenience, and protections with Web3 speed, transparency and security.

From bank account to blockchain and back, we provide the rails for you to operate your finances seamlessly between TradFi and DeFi.

How we’re doing it

Extensible, transparent & verifiable

We’ve created Plus, our fiat backed stablecoin infrastructure featuring 100% provable, liquid and verifiable cash reserves.

Currently operating with our flagship U.S. dollar backed US Plus, our enterprise-level technology is capable of deploying crypto assets representing any fiat currency or real world asset 1:1, creating fully verifiable, custom stablecoins for a multitude of financial vehicles and business uses.

When it comes to transparency, we connect to core banking and public layers using a unique private settlement bridge. This allows us to verify bank customers and funds before issuing or redeeming stablecoins, whilst maintaining realtime accountability of our collateral assets.

Active Proof of Reserve

Using Chainlink feeds, Plus actively shares account balances to publicly prove 100% reserves.

Federated custody

Reserves are stored at multiple institutions, increasing access while eliminating the risk of a single point of failure.

Interoperable by design

Layer-to-layer conversions give you the freedom to access Plus stablecoins on your preferred public chain.

On-chain onboarding

Tokenized proof of KYC, KYB and AML on-chain reduces cost of onboarding, lowers risk and increases security.


Issue and redeem with one-click conversions between cash and Plus, to and from verified wallets.

Bank and broker ready

Seamless vertical core banking integration enables institutions to directly issue and redeem stablecoins without an intermediary.

We’re doing things the right way

Fully backed, fully liquid

We don’t use fractional reserves. Our Plus stablecoins are 100% backed by cash and equivalents. By decentralizing our accounts at a consortium of banks, we eliminate the risk of a single point of failure and can guarantee Plus redemption.

Verify, then trust, and verify again

With Active Proof of Reserve provided by Chainlink oracles, Fluent publicly broadcasts Plus cash reserves straight from core banking. Our stablecoin infrastructure offers unrivaled collateral transparency — we claim 100% reserves, and we prove it.

Accountable by design

With publicly accessible feeds displaying the balances of every Plus reserve account, our zero-knowledge proof goes miles beyond alternative stablecoin protocols by protecting personal information while reconciling stablecoin supply with bank balances and transactions.

The benefits to your business


Lower your back office costs

Near-instant cross-border payments

Custom settlement network technology


Directly connected to U.S. regulated banks

One-click issuance and redemption

Cross-chain interoperability

Latest News

Pinned Entry
20 July 2023

Fluent Finance opens Abu Dhabi office to advance trade finance

3 July 2023

Fluent Finance’s integration with Flow Rewards offers LPs a risk-off and non-custodial offering on Uniswap

07 Dec 2022

Fluent integrates Chainlink Proof of Reserve to monitor US Plus reserves

Our Team

Industry veterans and expert builders

The team behind Fluent consists of executives, designers and innovators with decades of experience in everything from banking to engineering.

Before joining Fluent, they took their respective fields to new heights. And now that we’ve gathered them here, they’re doing it again.